What is the full form of DHMS

DHMS Full Form is: Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery

  • DHMS Category: Medical 
  • DHMS Full  Form in Hindi is: होम्योपैथिक मेडिसिन एंड सर्जरी में डिप्लोमा
  • DHMS Full Abbreviation Form in Bengali is: হোমিওপ্যাথিক মেডিসিন অ্যান্ড সার্জারিতে ডিপ্লোমা
  • DHMS Full  Form in Marathi is: डिप्लोमा इन होमिओपॅथिक मेडिसिन आणि सर्जरी
  • DHMS Full Acronym Form in Tamil is: ஹோமியோபதி மருத்துவம் மற்றும் அறுவை சிகிச்சையில் டிப்ளமோ
  • DHMS Full  Form in Telegu is: హోమియోపతిక్ మెడిసిన్ మరియు సురగేరిలో డిప్లొమా

 Full Form or meaning of DHMS in Medical sector is: Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery

DHMS Full Form 

Other Significant Full Form of DHMS

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Dental Health Management Solutions Business Management DHMS
Dense Hydrous Magnesium Silicate Chemistry DHMS
Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds Measurement Unit DHMS

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