What is the full form of CPT

CPT Full Form is: Chest Physical Therapy

C = Chest 

P = Physical 

T = Therapy

  • Category: Medical

CPT Full Form or meaning in Medical sector is: Chest Physical Therapy

CPT or Chest Physical Therapy Pronunciation

CPT Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of CPT

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Common Proficiency Test Entrance Exam for CA CPT
Cost Per Thousand Computing Internet CPT
Continuous Performance Test Medical Tests CPT
Current Procedural Terminology Medical CPT
Cone Potentiometer Test Earth Science CPT
Cone Penetration Test Earth Science CPT
Carpet Real Estate CPT
Common Procedural Terminology Military and Defence CPT
Captain Military and Defence CPT
Crisis Planning Team Military and Defence CPT
Cost Per Transfer Banking CPT
Central Payment Tool Accounts and Finance CPT
Certified Production Technician Certifications CPT
Communications Production Technology Technology CPT
Communication Production Technology Technology CPT
Cosine Packet Transform Maths CPT
Cross Product Terms Maths CPT
The College Placement Test Educational Institute CPT
Cost Payment Technique Accounts and Finance CPT
Cargo Processing Technician Space Science CPT
Computer Program Tape Space Science CPT
Certified Phlebotomy Technician Job Title CPT
Cape Town Airport Code CPT
Certified Penetration Tester Certifications CPT
Cockpit Procedures Trainer Military and Defence CPT
Crisis Planing Team Military and Defence CPT
Cross Product Team Military and Defence CPT
Cellular Paging Teleservice Computer and Networking CPT
Corel Photo-paint File (bitmap Graphics) File Type CPT
Compact Pro Compressed Macintosh File Archive File Type CPT
Dbase Encrypted Memo File File Type CPT
Ca-cricket Presents Template File Type CPT
CHANNAPATNA Indian Railway Station CPT

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