What is the full form of CHC

CHC Full Form is: Community Health Center

C = Community 

H = Health 

C = Center

  • Category: Medical
  • CHC Full Abbreviation Form in Chinese is: 社區衛生中心
  • CHC Full Form in Arabic is: مركز الرعاية الصحية
  • CHC Full Acronym Form in Spanish is: Centro de salud

CHC Full Form or meaning in Medical sector is: Community Health Center

CHC or Community Health Center Pronunciation


Other Significant Full Form of CHC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
CHANCHAI Indian Railway Station CHC
Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Chemistry CHC
Component Handling and Cleaning Electronics CHC
Crafton Hills College Educational Institute CHC
Christian Heritage College Educational Institute CHC
Chicago Cubs Sports CHC
Canadian Heavyweight Champion Sports CHC
Chaplain Corps Military and Defence CHC
Couldn’t Honestly Care Messaging CHC
Canadian Holding Company Messaging CHC
Christchurch Airport Code CHC
Certified Health Coach Certifications CHC
Chestnut Hill College Educational Institute CHC
Chestnut Hill College’s Educational Institute CHC

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