What is the full form of KG

KG Full Form is: Kilogram

  • KG Category: Measurement Unit
  • KG Full Form in Hindi is: किलोग्राम
  • KG Full Form in Bengali is: কিলোগ্রাম
  • KG Full Form in Marathi is: किलोग्रॅम
  • KG Full Form in Tamil is: கிலோகிராம்கள்
  • KG Full Form in Telegu is: కిలోగ్రాము

 Full Form or meaning of KG in Measurement Unit sector is: Kilogram

KG Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of KG

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Khabal Gaming Sports KG
Kyrgyzstan Country Names KG
Kilogauss Measurement Unit KG
King of Games Sports KG
Crypto Key Generator Military and Defence KG


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