What is the full form of DB

DB Full Form is: Decibel

  • DB Category: Mathematics
  • DB Full Form in Hindi is: डेसिबल
  • DB Full Form in Bengali is: ডেসিবেল
  • DB Full Form in Marathi is: डेसिबल
  • DB Full Form in Tamil is: டெசிபல்
  • DB Full Form in Telegu is: డెసిబెల్

 Full Form or meaning of DB in Mathematics sector is: Decibel 

DB Full Form 

Other Significant Full Form of DB

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Dial Back Telecommunication DB
Database Information Technology DB
Data Base Computer and Networking DB
Dbase Iv Configuration File File Type DB
Dropped Burst Telecommunication DB
Temporary File (dbase Iv) File Type $DB
DABHOI JN Indian Railway Station DB
Database (dbvista – Paradox – Smartware – Xtreegold) File Type DB
Temporary File (dbase – Modula2) File Type DB$
Design Based Electronics DB
Dubnium Chemistry Db
Double Bond Chemistry DB
Douche Bag Messaging DB
Dual Band Electronics DB
Development Bank Banking DB
Declining Balance Accounts and Finance DB
Don’t Bother Messaging DB
Deutsche Bahn Messaging DB
Deadband Space Science DB
Direct Bill Accounts and Finance DB
Data Bus Space Science DB
Distribution Box Space Science DB
Direct Broadcast Space Science DB
Design Baseline Space Science DB
Digital Bilevel Acquisition Space Science DB
Dry Bulb Space Science DB
Decibels Space Science dB
Define Byte Computer Assembly Language DB
Defined Benefit Job Title DB
Delray Beach Country Specific DB
Dirty Bastard Military and Defence DB
Double Blind Maths DB
Disciplinary Barracks Military and Defence DB


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