What is the full form of ADG

ADG Full Form is: Additional Director General

  • Category: Legal
  • ADG Full Form in Marathi is: अतिरिक्त पोलिस महासंचालक
  • ADG Full Form in Tamil is: காவல்துறை கூடுதல் தலைமை இயக்குனர்

 ADG Full Form or meaning in Legal sector is: Additional Director General

(Other significant Additional Director General acronym is ADGP)

ADG or Additional Director General Pronunciation

ADG Full Form

ADG full form means Additional Director General. This is a senior post within the Police Department. In India, this is equivalent to a ‘Pulis Mhaanideshk’ or a 3 star post.

If you are a member of the Army, the position requires additional training. The additional director general, or ADGP, is the person who oversees the armed forces.

Other Significant Full Form of ADG

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Average Daily Gain Physiology ADG
Alt.Design.Graphics Internet ADG
De-gaussing ship (Auxiliary, DeGaussing) Shipping & Sailing ADG
Atrial Diastolic Gallop Physiology ADG
Albinar Design Group Companies & Firms ADG
Advanced Data Guardian Cyber & Security ADG
Annotated Domain Graphics General Computing ADG
ACE (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme) Dependent Gene Human Genome ADG
American Development Group Development ADG
A Davis Grant General ADG
Alliance Development Group Development ADG
Almost Dead Gelbvieh General ADG
Astoria Dj Group General ADG
Alternative Dive Group General ADG
Australian Design Group Australian ADG
Aaron Daniel Gaul General ADG
Absher Design Group General ADG
Accessory Drive Gearbox General ADG
Active Design Guidelines General ADG
Additional Director General General ADG
Airfield Defence Guard General ADG
Akihabara Denno Gumi General ADG
Akseizer Design Group General ADG
Alonso de Garay General ADG

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