Prince What is the full form of IIS

IIS Full Form is: Internet Information Services

  • IIS Category: Internet
  • IIS Full  Form in Hindi is: इंटरनेट सूचना सेवा
  • IIS Full Abbreviation Form in Bengali is: ইন্টারনেট তথ্য সেবা
  • IIS Full  Form in Marathi is: इंटरनेट माहिती सेवा
  • IIS Full Acronym Form in Tamil is: இணைய தகவல் சேவைகள்
  • IIS Full  Form in Telegu is: ఇంటర్నెట్ సమాచార సేవలు

 Full Form or meaning of IIS in Internet sector is: Internet Information Services

IIS Full Form 

Other Significant Full Form of IIS

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Is It Secure Messaging IIS
Internet Information Services Information Technology IIS
Inteface Implementation Specifications (Telemanagement Forum) Computer and Networking IIS
Inverted Index Search Database Management IIS
Inspection Item Sheet Space Science IIS
Nissan Island Airport Code IIS
Interactive Internet SportsSportsIIS    
Integrated Interchip Sound Computer Hardware IIS
Irreducible Infeasible Subsystem Maths IIS
Irish Intelligence Services Military and Defence IIS
International Island Sportsbook Sports IIS
Inter-vehicular Information System Military and Defence IIS

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