What is the full form of RGB

RGB Full Form is: Red, green, and blue

  • RDC Category: Information technology
  • RDC Full Form in Hindi is: लाल, हरा और नीला
  • RDC Full Form in Bengali is: লাল, সবুজ এবং নীল
  • RDC Full Form in Marathi is: लाल, हिरवा आणि निळा
  • RDC Full Form in Tamil is: சிவப்பு, பச்சை மற்றும் நீலம்
  • RDC Full Form in Telegu is: ఎరుపు, ఆకుపచ్చ మరియు నీలం

 Full Form or meaning of RGB in Information technology sector is: Red, green, and blue

RGM Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of RGB

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
RAMGANGA Indian Railway Station RGB
Raw 24bit Red- Green- Blue Bitmap Graphics File Type RGB
Rotating Graphics Base Softwares RGB

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