What is the full form of PE

PE Full Form is: Physical Extents

P = Physical  E = Extents

  • Category: Information Technology
  • PE Full Form in Hindi is: भौतिक विस्तार
  • PE Full Form in Bengali is: শারীরিক পরিসর
  • PE Full Form in Marathi is: भौतिक विस्तार
  • PE Full Form in Tamil is: உடல் அளவுகள்
  • PE Full Form in Telegu is: భౌతిక విస్తరణలు

 Full Form or meaning of PE in Information Technology sector is: Physical Extents

PE Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of PE

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Private Equity Banking PE
Policy Enforcement element Computer and Networking PE
Peace Enforcement Military and Defence PE
Personal Effects Military and Defence PE
Program Element Military and Defence PE
Practical Exercise Military and Defence PE
Provider Edge Device Networking PE
Professional Edition Softwares PE
Pure Error Maths PE
Physical Education Educational Institute PE
Potential Energy Physics Related PE
Positron Emission Physics Related PE
Process Engineer Messaging PE
Productivity Engineering Messaging PE
Price Earnings Accounts and Finance PE
Price/earnings Accounts and Finance PE
Performance Evaluation Job Title PE
Person Equivalent Job Title PE
Publisher Emeritus Job Title PE
Punctuation Editor Job Title PE
Photo Eye Computer Hardware PE
Processing Element Computer Hardware PE
Processor Element Computer Hardware PE
Physical Extent Space Science PE
Perkin Elmer Space Science PE
Project Engineer Space Science PE
Professional Engineer Job Title PE
Playful Exercise Sports PE
Presumptive Eligibility Sports PE
Physical Exercise Sports PE
Premium Edition Softwares PE
Power Envelope Electronics PE
Piezoelectric Electronics PE
Pretty Exciting Messaging PE
Procurement Executive Military and Defence PE
Planning Estimate Military and Defence PE
Planning Element Military and Defence PE
Predictive Environment Military and Defence PE
Poly Ethylene Computer and Networking PE
Public Inquiry (ETSI) Computer and Networking PE
Peru Country Names PE
Petroleum Engineering Educational Degree PE


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