What is the full form of PDH

PDH Full Form is: Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy

P = Plesiochronous 

D = Digital 

H = Hierarchy

  • Category:  Information Technology
  • PDH Full Form in Hindi is:प्लेसीओक्रोनस डिजिटल पदानुक्रम
  • PDH Full Form in Bengali is: প্লেসিওক্রোনাস ডিজিটাল হায়ারার্কি
  • PDH Full Form in Marathi is: प्लेसिओक्रोनस डिजिटल पदानुक्रम
  • PDH Full Form in Tamil is: Plesiochronous டிஜிட்டல் படிநிலை
  • PDH Full Form in Telegu is: ప్లీసియోక్రోనస్ డిజిటల్ సోపానక్రమం

 Full Form or meaning of PDH in Information Technology sector is: Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy

PDH Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of PDH

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Primary Digital Hierachy Computer and Networking PDH
PADADHARI Indian Railway Station PDH
Professional Development Hour Job Title PDH
Professional Development Hours Job Title PDH
Pyruvate De-hydrogenase Chemistry PDH
Propane Dehydrogenation Messaging PDH
Pocket Dosimeter-high Space Science PDH



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