What is the full form of PAL

PAL Full Form is: Phase Alternate Line

  • PAL Category: Information Technology
  • PAL Full Form in Hindi is: चरण वैकल्पिक रेखा
  • PAL Full Form in Bengali is: পর্যায় বিকল্প লাইন
  • PAL Full Form in Marathi is: फेस पर्यायी ओळ
  • PAL Full Form in Tamil is:ஃபேஸ் ஆல்டர்நேட் லைன்
  • PAL Full Form in Telegu is: ఫేజ్ ఆల్టర్నేట్ లైన్

 Full Form or meaning of PAL in Information Technology sector is: Phase Alternate Line

PAL Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of PAL

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Protect All Life Military and Defence PAL
Programmable Array Logic Telecommunication PAL
Permissive Action Link Military and Defence PAL
Pedagogical Array Language Softwares PAL
Palmtop Application Library Softwares PAL
Color Palette File Type PAL
Phase Alternating Line Electronics PAL
Parents Are Listening Messaging PAL
Program Assembler Language Military and Defence PAL
Passive Activity Loss Accounts and Finance PAL
Programmatic Adjustment Loan Accounts and Finance PAL
PALASNER Indian Railway Station PAL
Personal Assistant for Leisure Job Title PAL
Palanquero Airport Code PAL
Physical Activity Leader Sports PAL
Police Athletic League Sports PAL
Personal Assistance Link Messaging PAL
Personnel Allowance List Military and Defence PAL
Presence and Availability List Military and Defence PAL
Promoter of Administrative Leadership Job Title PAL



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