What is the full form of DIP

DIP Full Form is: Digitize India Platform

  • DIP Category: Information Technology
  • DIP Full Form in Hindi is: डिजिटाइज इंडिया प्लेटफॉर्म
  • DIP Full Form in Bengali is: ডিজিটালাইজ ইন্ডিয়া প্ল্যাটফর্ম
  • DIP Full Form in Marathi is: डिजिटायझ इंडिया प्लॅटफॉर्म
  • DIP Full Form in Tamil is: டிஜிட்டல் இந்தியா பிளாட்ஃபார்ம்
  • DIP Full Form in Telegu is: డిజిటలైజ్ ఇండియా ప్లాట్‌ఫారమ్

 Full Form or meaning of DIP in Information Technology sector is: Digitize India Platform

DIP Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of DIP

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Defense Intelligence Plan Military and Defence DIP
Directorate of Information and Publicity Delhi Government DIP
Diffraction Image Plate Physics Related DIP
Disclosure and Investor Protection Banking DIP
Database Initialization Program Database Management DIP
Dynamic Internet Protocol Networking DIP
Display Input Processor Space Science DIP
DIPORE Indian Railway Station DIP
Delivery In Progress Messaging DIP
Dual Inline Package Electronics DIP
Designated Inspection Point Space Science DIP
Dissolved Inorganic Phosphate Chemistry DIP
Display Interface Processor Space Science DIP
Diapaga Airport Code DIP
Watcom Debugger Debug Info Processor File Type DIP
Digital Input Platform Computer Hardware DIP
Dialup Internet Protocol Telecommunication DIP
Directorate for Intelligence Production Military and Defence DIP
Die In Place Military and Defence DIP
Dual In-line Package Information Technology DIP



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