What is the full form of CTM

CTM Full Form is: Close To Metal

  • CTM Category: Information Technology
  • CTM Full Form in Hindi is: धातु के करीब
  • CTM Full Form in Bengali is: ক্লোজ টু মেটাল
  • CTM Full Form in Marathi is: धातूच्या जवळ
  • CTM Full Form in Tamil is: உலோகத்திற்கு அருகில்
  • CTM Full Form in Telegu is: మెటల్ దగ్గరగా

 Full Form or meaning of CTM in Information Technology sector is: Close To Metal

CTM Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of CTM

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Chuckling To Myself Messaging CTM
Cordless Terminal Mobility Computer and Networking CTM
Cellular Textphone Modem Telecommunication CTM
Crystalline Transitional Material Space Science CTM
Color Transform Matrix Softwares CTM
Corba Transaction Monitor Softwares CTM
Component Transaction Monitor Softwares CTM
Current Transformation Matrix Electronics CTM
Communication Technology Management Business Management CTM
Contract Technical Manager Space Science CTM
Company Transaction Manager Job Title CTM
Chetumal Airport Code CTM
Coordinate Transform Matrix Maths CTM
Core Transport Model Physics Related CTM
Core Target Material Military and Defence CTM
Called To Maturity Stock Exchange CTM
KATTANGULATTUR Indian Railway Station CTM



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