What is the full form of CR

CR Full Form is: Carriage Return

C = Carriage  R = Return

  • Category: Information Technology
  • CR Full Form in Arabic is: إرجاع الحامل
  • CR Full Abbreviation Form in Spanish is: Retorno de carro
  • CR Full Form in French is: Retour chariot
  • CR Full Acronym Form in Chinese is: 回车符

CR Full Form or meaning in Information Technology sector is: Carriage Return

CR or Carriage Return Pronunciation

CR Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of CR

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Central Railways Indian Ministry of Railways CR
Contingency Reserve Banking CR
Capabilities Request (see CL) Computer and Networking CR
Charles River (boston) Sports CR
Colorado Rockies Sports CR
Caf Racer Sports CR
Continuous Recruitment Military and Defence CR
Critical Requirement Military and Defence CR
Continuing Resolution Military and Defence CR
Comfortable Runabout Electronics CR
Communications Range Electronics CR
Crore Banking Cr
Credit Banking Cr
Current Ratio Banking CR
Centralized Remapping Maths CR
Compression Ratio Maths CR
Columbia River Earth Science CR
Curvature Radiation Physics Related CR
Crystalline Solid Physics Related CR
Counter Receipt Stock Exchange CR
Certification Requirement Space Science CR
Change Request Space Science CR
Configuration Review Space Science CR
Control Room Space Science CR
Crew Space Science CR
Command Response Computer Assembly Language CR
Columbia Resin Computer Hardware CR
Cumulative Ranking Maths CR
Constraint Rules Maths CR
Compact Radius Maths CR
Conserved Region Maths CR
Chincharini and Rood Maths CR
Cauchy Riemann Maths CR
Corona Resistant Space Science CR
Cardinal Ratings Measurement Unit CR
Conversion Ratio Measurement Unit CR
California Reporter Job Title CR
Carolina Region Country Specific CR
Create and Replace Computer Assembly Language CR
Coaches Recommendation Sports CR
Cristiano Ronaldo Sports CR
Chief Referee Sports CR
Challenge Rating Sports CR
Club Racing Sports CR
Cup Racer Sports CR
Card Rate Banking CR
Credit Banking cr.
Comfort Room Messaging CR
Cost Reduced Accounts and Finance CR
Cash Receipts Accounts and Finance CR
Card Reader Space Science CR
Close Range Military and Defence CR
Compact Rifle Military and Defence CR
Communications Requirements Military and Defence CR
Crossroad(s) Military and Defence CR
Conventional Recoil Military and Defence CR
Costa Rica Country Names CR
Call Reference Telecommunication CR
Basic Vb Kartei File File Type CR$
Code Release Softwares CR
Chromium Chemistry Cr
Cyclotron Resonance Electronics CR

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