What is the full form of CAM

CAM Full Form is: Computer-Aided Manufacturing

C = Computer A = Aided  M= Manufacturing

  • Category: Information Technology
  • CAM Full  Form in Arabic is: تصنيع بمساعدة الحاسوب
  • CAM Full Abbreviation Form in Spanish is: Fabricación asistida por computadora
  • CAM Full  Form in French is: Fabrication assistée par ordinateur
  • CAM Full Acronym Form in Chinese is: 计算机辅助制造

CAM Full Form or meaning in Information Technology sector is: Computer-Aided Manufacturing

CAM Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of CAM

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Complementary and Alternative Medicine Healthcare CAM
Content Addressable Memory Networking CAM
Central Attacking Midfield Sports CAM
Crisis Action Module Military and Defence CAM
Chemical Agent Monitor Military and Defence CAM
Commercial Assets Mobilization Military and Defence CAM
Common Area Maintenance Military and Defence CAM
CHHOTA AMBANA Indian Railway Station CAM
Crassulacean Acid Metabolism Chemistry CAM
Camera Messaging CAM
Cdo (collateralized Debt Obligation) Asset Manager Job Title CAM
Customer Account Manager Job Title CAM
Camiri Airport Code CAM
Cellular Automata Machine Computer Hardware CAM
Can’t Agree More Messaging CAM
Credit Accumulation Mechanism Accounts and Finance CAM
Centrifuge Accommodations Module Space Science CAM
Computer Annunciation Matrix Space Science CAM
Certified Administrative Manager Job Title CAM
Coordination Alert Message Military and Defence CAM
Cisco Access Manager Networking CAM
Carrier Module Networking CAM
Casio Qv Digital Camera Graphics File File Type CAM
Conditional Access Module Softwares CAM
Computer Aided Manufacturing Softwares CAM

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