What is the full form of CAI

CAI Full Form is: Computer-Aided Instruction

C = Computer

A = Aided 

I = Instruction

  • Category: Information Technology
  • CAI Full Form in Hindi is: कंप्यूटर एडेड निर्देश
  • CAI Full Form in Bengali is: কম্পিউটার-সহায়তা নির্দেশনা
  • CAI Full Form in Marathi is: संगणक-सहाय्यित सूचना
  • CAI Full Form in Tamil is: கணினி உதவி பயிற்றுவிப்பு
  • CAI Full Form in Telegu is: కంప్యూటర్-ఎయిడెడ్ ఇన్‌స్ట్రక్షన్

 Full Form or meaning of CAI in Information Technology sector is: Computer-Aided Instruction

CAI Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of MPCB

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Common Air Interface Computer and Networking CAI
CHANPATIA Indian Railway Station CAI
Cubic Applications, Inc. Military and Defence CAI
Combined Arms Initiatives Military and Defence CAI
Chartered Accountants Ireland Accounts and Finance CAI
Cairo Airport Code CAI
Certified Auctioneers Institute Certifications CAI
Certified Auctioneer Institute Certifications CAI
Computer-aided Indexing Database Management CAI


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