What is the full form of ARC?

ARC Full Form is: Adaptive Replacement Cache

  • Category: Information technology
  • ARC Full  Form in Hindi is: अनुकूली प्रतिस्थापन कैश
  • ARC Full  Form in Bengali is: অভিযোজিত প্রতিস্থাপন ক্যাশে
  • ARC Full  Form in Marathi is: अडॅप्टिव्ह रिप्लेसमेंट कॅशे
  • ARC Full  Form in Tamil is: தகவமைப்பு மாற்று கேச்
  • ARC Full Form in Telegu is: అడాప్టివ్ రీప్లేస్‌మెంట్ కాష్

 Full Form or meaning of ARC in Information technology sector is: Adaptive Replacement Cache


Other Significant Full Form of ARC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Advanced RISC Computing Information Technology ARC
Adaptive Reception Control Computer and Networking ARC
Alarm Reporting Control Computer and Networking ARC
American Red Cross Healthcare ARC
Almost Ready To Cover Military and Defence ARC
Advanced Research Center Military and Defence ARC
Advanced Rotor Concepts Military and Defence ARC
Anti-reflective Coating Electronics ARC
Accounting Regulatory Committee Accounts and Finance ARC
Ames Research Center Space Science ARC
American Roundball Corporation Sports ARC
Alloy Racing Composites Sports ARC
Adventure Racing Canada Sports ARC
Arctic Village (ak) Airport Code ARC
American River College Educational Institute ARC
Auction Rate Securities Certificate Stock Exchange ARC
Association of Rover Clubs Sports ARC
Arcane Roleplayers Consortium Sports ARC
Attack, Retrieve, and Capture Military and Defence ARC
Airborne Radio Communications Military and Defence ARC
Anti Reflective Coating Military and Defence ARC
Atlantic Rally for Cruisers Sports ARC
Active Race Control Sports ARC
Advanced Reconnaissance Commando Military and Defence ARC
Army Recruiting Command Military and Defence ARC
Acquire Retain and Cultivate Job Title ARC
Amateur Radio Club Radio Science ARC
Advance Radio Car Radio Science ARC
Accounting Requirements Code Military and Defence ARC
Arc Second Raster Chart Military and Defence ARC
Air Reserve Component Military and Defence ARC
Attitude, Respect, Cooperation Military and Defence ARC
Architecture Review Committee Military and Defence ARC
Advanced Router Configuration Networking ARC
Advanced Resource Connector Networking ARC
Arc Or Pkarc Compressed File Archive File Type ARC

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