What is the full form of AL

AL Full Form is: Active Link

  • AL Category: Information Technology
  • AL Full Form in Hindi is: सक्रिय लिंक
  • AL Full Form in Bengali is: সক্রিয় লিঙ্ক
  • AL Full Form in Marathi is: सक्रिय दुवा
  • AL Full Form in Tamil is: செயலில் உள்ள இணைப்பு
  • AL Full Form in Telegu is: సక్రియ లింక్

 Full Form or meaning of AL in Information Technology sector is: Active Link

AL Full Form


Other Significant Full Form of AL

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Auto Load Military and Defence AL
Access List Information Technology AL
Answer List Computer and Networking AL
Arbitrated Loop Networking AL
American League Sports AL
Alaw Format Sound File File Type AL
Animation Language Softwares AL
Arithmetic Logic Softwares AL
ATTILI Indian Railway Station AL
Aluminium Chemistry Al
Assembly Language Computer Assembly Language AL
Air Lock Space Science AL
Agricultural Labourer Job Title AL
Albania Country Names AL
Argon Laser Physics Related AL
Assisted Living Real Estate AL
Atlantic League Sports AL
Aluminum Chemistry Al
Applications Layer Military and Defence AL
Administrative Logistics Military and Defence AL
Faadc2i Lightweight Computer Unit Military and Defence AL
Avril Lavigne Military and Defence AL
Adaptation Layer Networking AL



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