What is the full form of AC

AC Full Form is: Alternating Current

A = Alternating 

C = Current

  • Category: Information Technology
  • AC Full Form in Hindi is: प्रत्यावर्ती धारा
  • AC Full Abbreviation Form in Bengali is: পরিবর্তী তড়িৎ প্রবাহ
  • AC Full Acronym Form in Tamil is: மாறுதிசை மின்னோட்டம்
  • AC Full Form in Telegu is: ద్విముఖ విద్యుత్ ప్రవాహం

AC Full Form or meaning in Information Technology sector is: Alternating Current

AC or Alternating Current Pronunciation

AC Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of AC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Advisory Circular Computer and Networking AC
Authentication Center Computer and Networking AC
Auto Configuration (DSL Forum) Computer and Networking AC
Automatic Callback Computer and Networking AC
After Cubs Sports AC
After Championship Sports AC
Associazione Circle Sports AC
Active Component Military and Defence AC
Army Component Military and Defence AC
Analyst Console Military and Defence AC
Apache Configurator Softwares AC
Application Context Softwares AC
Authenticast Comet Softwares AC
Aerodynamic Code Softwares AC
Advanced Audio Coding Computer Technology AC
ARMEMIAN GHAT CITY P Indian Railway Station AC
Alt Cataclius Messaging AC
Absolutely Charming Messaging AC
Anonymous Coward Messaging AC
Auto Carriers Messaging AC
Accounting Council Accounts and Finance AC
All Current Accounts and Finance AC
Autonomous Control Electronics AC
Automatic Control Electronics AC
Air Conditioner Banking AC
Air Conditioning Banking AC
Annual Closing Banking AC
Acceptable Content Messaging AC
Absolutist Cutest Messaging AC
Always Crap Messaging AC
Additional Charge Accounts and Finance AC
Aerodynamic Center Space Science AC
Assembly Complete Space Science AC
Comptroller Office Space Science AC
Acre Measurement Unit AC
Acre Measurement Unit ac.
Area Coordinator Job Title AC
Assistant Camera Job Title AC
Analyst Certification Job Title AC
Academic Counsellor Job Title AC
Assistant Commissioner Job Title AC
Align Centre Computer Assembly Language AC
Alternate Character Computer Assembly Language AC
Additional Content Database Management AC
Analogue Computer Computer Hardware ac
Analog Computer Computer Hardware AC
Audio Computer Computer Hardware AC
American Coast Earth Science AC
Attenuation Coefficient Physics Related AC
After Crowning Sports AC
Athletic Club Sports AC
Adventure Club Sports AC
Authorize Capture Military and Defence AC
Armored Corps Military and Defence AC
Aircraft Carrier Military and Defence AC
Air Cavalry Military and Defence AC
Assessment Center Military and Defence AC
Armored Convoy Military and Defence AC
Automation and Communications Military and Defence AC
Aircraft Military and Defence AC
All Clear Military and Defence AC
Armor Class Military and Defence AC
Attack City Military and Defence AC
Armored Class Military and Defence AC
Army Company Military and Defence AC
‘a’ Complement Maths AC
Arc Consistency Maths AC
Added Constraint Maths AC
Axiom of Choice Maths AC
Assumption Context Maths AC
Assumption College Educational Institute AC
Air Commander Military and Defence AC
Allied Committee Military and Defence AC
Acquisition Cost Military and Defence AC
Armed Conflict Military and Defence AC
Air Cadet Military and Defence AC
Army Cadet Military and Defence AC
Applied Communications Educational Degree AC
Area Code Telecommunication AC
Authorization Center Telecommunication AC
Armored Cable Telecommunication AC
Always Connected Telecommunication AC
Spooled Plot File (autocad Autospool) File Type AC
Aromatic Carbon Chemistry AC
Adriamycin and Cytoxan Chemistry AC
Actinium Chemistry Ac
Active Count Chemistry AC
Audio Code Electronics AC
Amplifier Combination Electronics AC

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