What is the full form of APB


  • APB Category:  Indian Railway Station
  • APB Full Form in Hindi is: अनुपम्बट्टु
  • APB Full Form in Bengali is: অনুপমবাত্তু
  • APB Full Form in Marathi is: अनुपमबट्टू
  • APB Full Form in Tamil is: அனுப்பம்பட்டு
  • APB Full Form in Telegu is: పంపబడింది

 Full Form or meaning of APB in Indian Railway Station sector is: ANUPPAMBATTU

APB Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of APB

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Acquisition Program Baseline Military and Defence APB
Anti-phase Boundary Electronics APB
All Purpose Bicycle Sports APB
Accounting Principles Board Accounts and Finance APB
Advanced Peripheral Bus Computer Hardware APB
Apolo Airport Code APB
All Purpose Bulletin Military and Defence APB
Auditing Practices Board Accounts and Finance APB



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