What is the full form of SNF

SNF Full Form is: Solids-Not-Fat

  • SNF Category: Healthcare
  • SNF Full Form in Hindi is: सॉलिड्स-नॉट-फैट
  • SNF Full Form in Bengali is: সলিড-নট-ফ্যাট
  • SNF Full Form in Marathi is: घन-चरबी नाही
  • SNF Full Form in Tamil is: திடப்பொருள்-கொழுப்பு அல்ல
  • SNF Full Form in Telegu is: ఘనపదార్థాలు-కొవ్వు కాదు

 Full Form or meaning of SNF in Healthcare sector is: Solids-Not-Fat 

SNF Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of SNF

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Strategic Nuclear Forces Military and Defence SNF
Single Network Firewall Networking SNF
Skilled Nursing Facility Healthcare SNF
Server Natural Format Softwares SNF
SANAT NAGAR Indian Railway Station SNF
Message Sniffer Rulebase File File Type SNF
Server Not Found Internet Error Codes SNF
System Noise Figure Space Science SNF
San Felipe Airport Code SNF
Smith Normal Form Maths SNF
Supernatant Fluid Chemistry SNF
Secret No Foreign Military and Defence SNF
Spent Nuclear Fuel Military and Defence SNF
Sports Network and Fitness Sports SNF



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