What is the full form of VIP

VIP Full Form is: Very Important Person

V = Very 

I = Important 

P = Person

  • Category: GovernmentalMilitary and Defence
  • VIP Full Form in Hindi is: अतिविशिष्ट व्यक्ति
  • VIP Full Abbreviation Form in Arabic is: وجيه
  • VIP Full Form in Spanish is: Vip
  • VIP Full Acronym Form in Chinese is: 重要人物

VIP Full Form or meaning in Governmental and  Military and Defence sector is: Very Important Person

VIP or Very Important Person Pronunciation

VIP Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of VIP

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Video Image Processing Networking VIP
Versatile Interface Processor Networking VIP
Versatile Infrastructure Platform Computer Hardware VIP
Voucher Insurance Program Insurance VIP
Very Important Player Sports VIP
Vision Impact and Purpose Military and Defence VIP
Ventilated Improved Pit Military and Defence VIP
Victory In Place Military and Defence VIP
Variable Interest Plan Accounts and Finance VIP
Visual Inspection Program Space Science VIP
Verification Integration Plan Space Science VIP
Visitor Improvement Program Military and Defence VIP
Visual Information Projection Military and Defence VIP
Verified Independently for Performance Military and Defence VIP
Visual Information Processor Military and Defence VIP
Visual Interactive Programming Softwares VIP
Virtual Internet Protocol Softwares VIP
Vertically Integrated Pnp (positive-negative-positive) Electronics VIP
Very Intense Power Electronics VIP
Value Issue Paper Banking VIP
Very Important Place Messaging VIP

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