What is the full form of SSF

SSF Full Form is: Special Security Force

S = Special 

S = Security 

F = Force

  • Category: Governmental/Security 
  • SSF Full Abbreviation Form in Bengali is: স্পেশাল সিকিউরিটি ফোর্স

SSF Full Form or meaning in Governmental and Security  sector is: Special Security Force

SSF or Special Security Force Pronunciation

SSF Full Form

Special Security Force স্পেশাল সিকিউরিটি ফোর্স
Logo of Special Security Force
Logo of Special Security Force
Abbreviation SSF
Motto Allah is the best protector
Operational structure
Headquarters SSF Headquarters, Dhaka
Agency executive
  • Major General MD Mujibur Rahman,OSP, PPM,ndu, psc, (Director General)
Agency overview
Formed 15 June, 1986
Employees Classified
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdiction Bangladesh
Website https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page

Other Significant Full Form of SSF

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Service Switching Function Computer and Networking SSF
Standard Storage Format Networking SSF
SIRSUPHAL Indian Railway Station SSF
Syrian Security Forces Military and Defence SSF
Software Support Facility Military and Defence SSF
Single Stock Fund Military and Defence SSF
Swedish Strike Faction Military and Defence SSF
Special Security Force Military and Defence SSF
Srb Storage Facility Space Science SSF
San Antonio (tx) Airport Code SSF
Single Sheet Feeder Computer Hardware SSF
Split Step Fourier Maths SSF
State Space Form Maths SSF
Single Stock Futures Stock Exchange SSF

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