What is the full form of SP

SP Full Form is: Superintendent of Police

S = Superintendent

P = Police

  • Category: Governmental/Police
  •  Full AbbreviationForm in Hindi is: जिला पुलिस अधीक्षक
  •  Full Form in Marathi is: जिल्हा पोलीस अधीक्षक
  •  Full Acronym Form in Tamil is: காவல்துறைக் கண்காணிப்பாளர் (இந்தியா)

SP Full Form or meaning in Governmental and  Police sector is: Superintendent of Police

SP or Superintendent of Police Pronunciation


SP Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of SP

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Service Pack Information Technology SP
Service Provider Computer and Networking SP
Starting Pitcher Sports SP
Sports Production Sports SP
Shoulder Pad Sports SP
Special Proceeding Military and Defence SP
Shock Practice Military and Defence SP
Self Propelled Military and Defence SP
Spelling Computer Technology sp
Single Player Computer Technology SP
SAIDAPET Indian Railway Station SP
Spontaneous Potential Chemistry SP
Solubility Product Chemistry SP
Signal Processor Electronics SP
Single Processor Computer Hardware SP
Special Performance Computer Hardware SP
Spear Point Earth Science SP
South Pacific Earth Science SP
Singular Perturbation Physics Related SP
Standard Pressure Physics Related SP
Specific Procedure Messaging SP
Strategic Plan Messaging SP
Sole Proprietorship Messaging SP
Sub Project Space Science SP
Shoulder Pitch Space Science SP
Shuttle Projects Office (ksc) Space Science SP
Single Pole Space Science SP
Single Precision Space Science SP
Solar Physics Space Science SP
Spare Space Science SP
Spin Space Science SP
Standard Or Peculiar Space Science SP
Static Pressure Space Science SP
Senior Partner Job Title SP
Senior Pastor Job Title SP
Street Photography Job Title SP
Superior Performance Job Title SP
Suppressive Person Job Title SP
Skating Professional Job Title SP
Sao Paulo Country Specific SP
Stack Pointer Computer Assembly Language SP
System Procedure Computer Assembly Language SP
Spare Parts Computer Hardware SP
Sports Plane Sports SP
Spirit Points Sports SP
Short Program Sports SP
Solar Pannel Electronics SP
Super Pretty Messaging SP
Shiny Pants Messaging SP
Superultramodern Physics Physics Related SP
Subgame Perfect Sports SP
Single Play Sports SP
Skill Points Sports SP
Super Player Sports SP
Save Percentage Sports SP
Sanity Points Sports SP
Style Points Sports SP
Sweetie Pie Messaging SP
Social Points Messaging SP
Southern Pacific Messaging SP
Specialist Military and Defence SP
Security Policy Military and Defence SP
Source Program Military and Defence SP
Security Pack Military and Defence SP
Sabotage Pack Military and Defence SP
Standards Proposal (TIA Industry Ballot) Computer and Networking SP
Study Point (ETSI) Computer and Networking SP
Switchable-P [frames] Computer and Networking SP
Compressed File Archive (splint) File Type SP
Starting Pixel Softwares SP
Smart Pointer Softwares SP

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