What is the full form of SC

SC Full Form is: Supreme Court

S = Supreme 

C = Court

  • Category: Governmental/Law/Legal
  • SC Full Abbreviation Form in Hindi is: उच्चतम न्यायालय
  • SC Full  Form in Arabic is: محكمة عليا (قانون)
  • SC Full Acronym Form in Chinese is: 最高法院

SC Full Form or meaning in Governmental, Law and Legal sector is: Supreme Court

SC or Supreme Court Pronunciation

SC Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of SC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Scheduled Castes Indian Government Caste Reservation SC
Scheduled Caste Banking SC
Steering Committee Computer and Networking SC
Service Capability Computer and Networking SC
Surface Command Space Science SC
Stress Compensated Space Science SC
Second Class Job Title SC
Senior Counsel Job Title SC
Southern California Country Specific #SC
South Crescent Country Specific SC
Subscriber Connector Networking SC
Session Counter Networking SC
Swapped Controller Networking SC
Same Context Networking SC
Smp Cluster Networking SC
Set Cookie Networking SC
Saratoga Champlain Earth Science SC
Schwartzschild Constant Physics Related SC
Scattering Chamber Physics Related SC
Self Contained Real Estate SC
Sports Car Sports SC
Score Card Sports SC
Source Code Softwares SC
Spreadsheet Calculator Softwares SC
South Central Computer Technology #SC
Screen Computer Technology sc
SECUNDERABAD JN Indian Railway Station SC
Suspendable Concentrate Chemistry SC
Silicon Carbide Chemistry SC
Scandium Chemistry Sc
Solid Carbide Chemistry SC
Super Cell Electronics SC
Smoothing Choke Electronics SC
Semi-conducting Electronics SC
Socket Contact Electronics SC
Slow Close Electronics SC
Sapphire Carrier Electronics SC
Sector Code Banking SC
Service Charges Banking SC
Snap Chat Messaging SC
So Cute Messaging SC
Snapchat Messaging SC
Standard Chartered Messaging SC
Simple and Cheap Accounts and Finance SC
Scale Space Science SC
Service Charge Space Science SC
Signal Conditioner (s/c Preferred) Space Science SC
Statement of Capability Space Science SC
Statement of Compatibility Space Science SC
Support Contractor Space Science SC
Service Class Networking SC
Locoscript Printer Data File File Type #SC
Framework Ii Display Driver File Type SC
Paradox Pal Script File File Type SC
Shell Commands Softwares SC
Source Control Softwares SC
Special Code Computer Assembly Language SC
Special Character Computer Assembly Language SC
Skip Conditionally Computer Assembly Language SC
Smart Card Computer Hardware SC
Solar Cell Computer Hardware sc
Self Consistent Maths SC
Springfield College Educational Institute SC
Stockton College Educational Institute SC
Steeplechase Sports SC
Security Cooperation Military and Defence SC
Station Clock Military and Defence SC
Strategic Communication Military and Defence SC
Squad Commander Military and Defence SC
Shaped Charge Military and Defence SC
Signal Center Military and Defence SC
Signal Corps Military and Defence SC
Single Channel Military and Defence SC
Specialty Codes Military and Defence SC
System Controller Military and Defence SC
Saurya Chakra Military and Defence SC
Subscriber Confidentiality Computer and Networking SC
Type of commercial fiber optic connector (Push-Pull) Computer and Networking SC
Seychelles Country Names SC
Subcutaneous Medical SC
Supervisory Center Telecommunication SC
Sim Card Telecommunication SC
Sportsmans Club Sports SC
Street Competition Sports SC
Stock Car Sports SC
Silent Communication Military and Defence SC
Sea Current Military and Defence SC
Search and Rescue Coordinator Military and Defence SC

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