What is the full form of RTO

RTO Full Form is: Regional Transport Office

R = Regional 

T = Transport 

O = Office

  • Category: Governmental/Departments & Agencies
  • RTO Full Abbreviation Form in Bengali is: আঞ্চলিক পরিবহন কর্তৃপক্ষ
  • RTO Full Form in Marathi is: क्षेत्रीय परिवहन कार्यालय
  • RTO Full Acronym Form in Tamil is: வட்டாரப் போக்குவரத்து அலுவலகம்

RTO Full Form or meaning in Governmental and Departments & Agencies sector is: Regional Transport Office

RTO or Regional Transport Office Pronunciation


RTO Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of RTO

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Round-trip Time Out Networking RTO
Retransmission Time Out Networking RTO
Recovery Time Objective Networking RTO
Rent-to-own Real Estate RTO
Reverse Takeover Stock Exchange RTO
Radio Telephone Operator Military and Defence RTO
Refuse To Obey Military and Defence RTO
Real-time Oscillograph Electronics RTO
Reverse Take Over Messaging RTO
Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Space Science RTO
Responsible Test Organization Space Science RTO
Real Time Output Computer Assembly Language RTO
Return To One Computer Assembly Language RTO

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