What is the full form of PAC

PAC Full Form is: Provincial Armed Constabulary

P = Provincial 

A = Armed 

C = Constabulary

PAC Full Form or meaning in Governmental and Police sector is: Provincial Armed Constabulary

PAC or Provincial Armed Constabulary Pronunciation

PAC Full Form

PAC stands for “Provincial Armed Constabulary,” which is the armed police force of Uttar Pradesh. The name PAC came from the fact that it was created to avoid frequent deployments of armed forces in law enforcement areas. Although the PAC originated in UP, it is now available in every state, including New York. Its specialized units consist of 33 battalions, each of which consists of two hundred and seventy Jawans. PAC Jawans carry lathis and are often deployed in areas where terrorism occurs.

The PAC is an armed police force that is part of the Department of Defense. They are the most specialized policing force in the country, and are based in each state. Founded in 1952, PAC is made up of three zones – the Central Zone, Western Zone, and Eastern Zone. Each PAC battalion has approximately 200 Jawans. The goal of PAC jawans is to ensure public order and safety, and prevent conflicts and terrorism.

Other Significant Full Form of PAC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Police Accountability Commission Tripura Government PAC
Program Advisory Committee Computer and Networking PAC
Palo Alto College Educational Institute PAC
Pacific Atlantic Cycling Sports PAC
Cibc Pan Am / Parapan Am Aquatics Centre and Field House Sports PAC
Perfect Authentic Cadence Military and Defence PAC
Personnel and Administration Center Military and Defence PAC
Patriot Advanced Capability Military and Defence PAC
Sbstudio Ii Package Or Song File Type PAC
Process Algebra Compiler Softwares PAC
PALIYARD ROAD Indian Railway Station PAC
Pre-authorized Check Accounts and Finance PAC
Pressure Alpha Center Space Science PAC
Probe Aerodynamic Center Space Science PAC
Problem Action Center Space Science PAC
Principal Advisory Committee Space Science PAC
Physician Assistant – Certified Job Title PAC
Provisional Acceptance Certificate Messaging PAC
Personal Account Code Accounts and Finance PAC
Professional Accounting Certificate Accounts and Finance PAC
Pre-authorized Chequing Accounts and Finance PAC
Panama City Airport Code PAC
Precision Air Conditioning Computer Hardware PAC
Physically Addressed Cache Computer Hardware PAC
Probably Approximately Correct Maths PAC
Palo Alto College’s Educational Institute PAC
Polycyclic Aromatic Content Chemistry PAC
Pharmaceutically Active Compound Chemistry PAC
Powdered Activated Carbon Chemistry PAC
Perceptual Audio Coder Electronics PAC
Predictive Application Control Electronics PAC
Political Affairs Committee Banking PAC
Pacific Military and Defence PAC
Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Military and Defence PAC
Political Action Committee Military and Defence PAC
Project Advisory Committee Military and Defence PAC
Predict Application Control Telecommunication PAC
Port Authorization Code Networking PAC
Proxy Auto Configuration Networking PAC
Public Access Catalog Networking PAC
Presentation Abstraction Control Networking PAC
Atari Stad Image Bitmap Graphics File File Type PAC

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