What is the full form of OSD

OSD Full Form is: Officer on Special Duty

O = Officer

S = Special

D = Duty

 OSD Full Form or meaning in Governmental and Military and Defence  sector is: Officer on Special Duty

OSD or Officer on Special Duty Pronunciation


OSD Full Form

The OSD full form is an acronym for the Office of Special Duty.  It is a part of the special officer in the government. The term refers to any person who is under the direct control of a government agency. This is a position between undersecretary and secretary. Sometimes it is used as a training post for higher positions. A person who holds this position can hold the title of secretary, undersecretary, or undersecretary.

This type of job entails certain responsibilities, such as implementing new programs and maintaining government databases. It was first assigned to a secretary to understudy CAG A.K. Roy, who later became the Comptroller and Auditor General. This type of post is not the highest level in the civil service, but it is a stepping stone to higher posts.

Other Significant Full Form of OSD

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
On-Screen Display Electronic Device OSD
Operational Support Document Softwares OSD
Open Software Distribution Softwares OSD
Open Software Description Softwares OSD
Operating System Deployment Softwares OSD
Open Source Definition Softwares OSD
On Screen Display Computer Technology OSD
On Screen Data Computer Technology OSD
Open Source Device Electronics OSD
Office of The Secretary of Defense Military and Defence OSD
Operating Strength Deviation Military and Defence OSD
Operational Sequence Diagram Military and Defence OSD
Oscillator Strength Distribution Electronics OSD
Over Sampling Depth Electronics OSD
Overages, Shortages, and Damages Accounts and Finance OSD
Ostersund Airport Code OSD
On-screen System Display Computer Hardware OSD
Object Storage Device Computer Hardware OSD

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