What is the full form of NOC

NOC Full Form is: No Objection Certificate

N = No

O = Objection

C = Certificate

  • Category: Governmental/Document & Certificates
  • NOC Full Form in Tamil is: தடையின்மை சான்றிதழ் மாதிரி
  • NOC Full Form in Chinese is: 无异议证明

 NOC Full Form or meaning in Governmental and Documental & Certificate sector is: No Objection Certificate

NOC or No Objection Certificate Pronunciation

NOC Full Form

The abbreviation NOC stands for No Objection Certificate. An NOC is a legal document that states that the issuer has no objection to a specific document. This document is typically needed by banks, loan against property, companies, and colleges in order to be legally accepted. If you have a prior NOC, you may be required to present it as part of your application.

Alternatively, if you don’t have an NOC, you can get one from your previous employer or college. But the main purpose of the form is to state that the issuer does not object to the document at all. A valid NOC is useful for settling legal disputes, and in certain cases, it can be used in a court of law to establish that the owner did not object to the information.

Who can issue NOC?

 This type of legal document is issued by:

  • An agency,
  • Institute,
  • Or other body.

Uses of No Objection Certificate

A No-objection certificate can be used in a variety of different situations such as:

  • It can be used for a legal proceeding, such as when a person wants to change jobs.
  • It can also be used in court if there is a problem with a property transaction.
  • A no-objection certificate can be used for employment or immigration.
  • It can be used as evidence in a lawsuit.
  • It is also useful for immigration, employment, exchanges, trades, and GST registration. 
  • Immigration purposes
  • School enrollment and many more
  • Personal Loan
  • Income Tax

Other Significant Full Form of NOC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Northern Old Carrier Telecommunication NOC
Notice of Change Softwares NOC
Normally Open Contact Electronics NOC
No One Cares Messaging NOC
Network Operation Control Space Science NOC
Network On Chip Computer Hardware NOC
Nus Overseas Colleges Educational Institute NOC
Northern Oklahoma College Educational Institute NOC
Nigeria Olympic Committee Sports NOC
National Olympic Committee of Pakistan Sports NOC
Not Otherwise Coded Space Science NOC
Notation of Content Space Science NOC
Not Otherwise Classified Job Title NOC
Knock Airport Code NOC
Network Operations Center Information Technology NOC

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