What is the full form of MP

MP Full Form is: Member of Parliament

M = Member 

P = Parliament

  • Category: Governmental/Job Titles
  • MP Full Form in Hindi is: सांसद
  • MP Full Abbreviation Form in Bengali is:সংসদ সদস্য
  • MP Full Form in Marathi is: संसद सदस्य
  • MP Full Acronym Form in Tamil is: நாடாளுமன்ற உறுப்பினர்
  • MP Full Form in Telegu is: పార్లమెంట్ సభ్యుడు

MP Full Form or meaning in Governmental  and Titles sector is: Member of Parliament

MP or Member of Parliament Pronunciation

MP Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of MP

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Madhya Pradesh Indian State MP
Modulation Parameter Computer and Networking MP
Multipoint Processor (H.323) Computer and Networking MP
Northern Mariana Islands Country Names MP
Mana Points Sports MP
Might Play Sports MP
Multi Player Sports MP
Movement Penalty Sports MP
Map Pack Military and Defence MP
Military Police Military and Defence MP
MELAPPALAIYAM Indian Railway Station MP
Melting Point Chemistry MP
Metal Particle Chemistry MP
Medium Pressure Chemistry MP
Metal Particulate Chemistry MP
Metal Poor Chemistry MP
Multi-polarized Electronics MP
Multi Phonon Electronics MP
Make Parameter Computer Assembly Language MP
Middle Position Computer Hardware MP
Multiple Probabilities Maths MP
Magnetic Particle Physics Related MP
Multi Physics Physics Related MP
Modal Particle Physics Related MP
Minor Planet Space Science MP
Management Package Space Science MP
Mass Properties Space Science MP
Measuring Point Space Science MP
Meteorology Panel Space Science MP
Managing Partner Job Title MP
Material for Promotion Job Title MP
Multi Precision Computer Assembly Language MP
Mission Planner Space Science MP
Mod Package Space Science MP
Multifunction Panel Space Science MP
Mega Pixels Measurement Unit MP
Multieditor Professional Job Title MP
More Pension Job Title MP
Medium Prismatic Physics Related MP
Market Place Stock Exchange MP
Mile Point Sports MP
Magic Points Sports MP
Maximum Power Electronics MP
Monetary Policy Banking MP
My Pleasure Messaging MP
Mom Pops Messaging MP
Money Pit Accounts and Finance MP
Massively Parallel Space Science MP
Mobile Processor Telecommunication MP
Modular Portal Networking MP
Multi Protocol Networking MP
Message Passing Networking MP
Multi Point Networking MP
Movie (mpeg Compressed) File Type MP

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