What is the full form of MCD

MCD Full Form is: Municipal Corporation of Delhi

M = Municipal  C = Corporation  D = Delhi

  • Category: Governmental/Departments & Agencies
  • MCD Full Form in Hindi is: दिल्ली नगर निगम
  • MCD Full Form in Bengali is: দিল্লি মিউনিসিপ্যাল ​​কর্পোরেশন
  • MCD Full Form in Marathi is: दिल्ली महानगरपालिका
  • MCD Full Form in Tamil is: டெல்லி மாநகராட்சி
  • MCD Full Form in Telegu is: మునిసిపల్ కార్పొరేషన్ ఆఫ్ ఢిల్లీ

 Full Form or meaning of MCD in Governmental and Departments & Agencies sector is: Municipal Corporation of Delhi

MCD Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of MCD

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Municipal Corporation of Delhi Delhi Government MCD
Mobile Communications Division Computer and Networking MCD
Mathcad Document File Type MCD
Mean Current Drawn Electronics MCD
Magnetic Circular Dichroism Electronics MCD
Meters Composite Depth Measurement Unit MCD
Millicandela Measurement Unit MCD
Mackinac Island (mi) Airport Code MCD
Music Compact Disc Computer Hardware MCD
Multi-channel Desktop Computer Hardware MCD
Military Clinical Director Military and Defence MCD
Medical Crew Director Military and Defence MCD
Manipulative Communications Deception Military and Defence MCD


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