What is the full form of ISD

ISD Full Form is: International Subscriber Dialing

I = International 

S = Subscriber 

D = Dialing

ISD Full Form or meaning in Governmental and Standards sector is: International Subscriber Dialing

ISD or International Subscriber Dialing Pronunciation

ISD Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of ISD

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Independent Segment Decoding Computer and Networking ISD
Integrated Services Digital (TIA-646-B) Computer and Networking ISD
International Standards Development Computer and Networking ISD
Increasing, Steady, Or Decreasing Maths ISD
Integrated Sports Development Sports ISD
Icon Sports Division Sports ISD
Industrial Support Detachment Military and Defence ISD
Individual Soldier Detector Military and Defence ISD
Interoperability Standardization Directorate Military and Defence ISD
Iscuande Airport Code ISD
Information Storage Device Computer Hardware ISD
Information Systems Division Military and Defence ISD
Rapidfile Spelling Checker Dictionary File Type ISD
Improved Standard Driver Softwares ISD
Intrinsically Static-dissipative Electronics ISD
In-station Diagnostics Electronics ISD
Interface State Density Electronics ISD
Instructional Systems Development Space Science ISD

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