What is the full form of IG

IG Full Form is: Inspector General

I = Inspector 

G = General

  • Category: Governmental/Police
  • IG Full Abbreviation Form in Arabic is: مفتش عام
  • IG Full Form in Japanese is: 監察官
  • IG Full Acronym Form in Russian is: Генерал-инспектор
  • IG Full Form in French is: Inspecteur général

IG Full Form or meaning in Governmental and Police sector is: Inspector General

IG or Inspector General Pronunciation


IG Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of IG

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Implementer’s Guide Computer and Networking IG
Interoperability Group Computer and Networking IG
Inadequate Guys Messaging IG
Instant Gratification Messaging IG
Igloo Space Science IG
Inertial Guidance Space Science IG
Imperial Gallon (uk) Measurement Unit IG
Isolated Ground Radio Science IG
Induction Generator Electronics IG
Insulated Grounding Electronics IG
Instagram Web Technology IG
Inconsistency Graph Maths IG
Inverse Gamma Physics Related IG
Infinitesimally Generating Physics Related IG
Investment Grade Stock Exchange IG
Investors Gold Stock Exchange IG
International Golf Sports IG
Insert Graphic Computer Assembly Language IG
Index Generation Database Management IG
Integration Grid Maths IG
Information Gain Military and Defence IG
Imperial Guard Military and Defence IG
Interface Group Telecommunication IG
Generic Interface Source (modula-3) File Type IG
Input Grammar Softwares IG
Inert Gas Chemistry IG
International Gymnast Sports IG
Ice Gaming Sports IG
Interactive Glide Sports IG
In Game Sports IG
Ideal Gas Chemistry IG
Insulated Gate Electronics IG

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