What is the full form of ID

ID Full Form is: IDentification

  • Category: Governmental/Standards
  • ID Full Abbreviation Form in Spanish is: ID
  • ID Full Form in French is: ID
  • ID Full Acronym Form in Chinese is: ID

ID Full Form or meaning in Governmental and Standards sector is: IDentification

ID or IDentification Pronunciation

ID Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of ID

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
delay impairment value Computer and Networking ID
Indonesia Country Names ID
Disk Identification File File Type ID
Integrate and Differentiate Maths ID
Initiating Directive Military and Defence ID
Immediate Dominance Military and Defence ID
Intelligent Designer Job Title ID
Industrial Design Job Title ID
Interaction Designer Job Title ID
Intelligent Device Computer Hardware ID
Iterative Dichotomizer Maths ID
Increased Deployability (posture) Military and Defence ID
Infantry Division Military and Defence ID
Interbank Deposit Banking ID
I Deserve Messaging ID
Identification Data Space Science ID
Inside Diameter Space Science ID
Interface Document Space Science ID
Idle Format Space Science ID

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