What is the full form of GRP

GRP Full Form is: Government Railway Police

G = Government  R = Railway  P = Police

GRP Full Form or meaning in Governmental and  Police sector is: Government Railway Police

GRP Full Form

Government Railway Police
Seal of the Government of India
Seal of the Government of India
Abbreviation GRP
Agency overview
Formed 1881
Operational structure
Headquarters New Delhi, India
Ministers responsible
  • Amit Shah, Minister of Home Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs
  • Ashwini Vaishnaw, Minister of Railways, Ministry of Railways
Parent agency Indian Police Service
Districts 725
Jurisdictional structure
Federal agency India
Operations jurisdiction India
Primary governing body Government of India
Secondary governing body Ministry of Railways
Constituting instrument
  • Railways Act, 1989
General nature
  • Federal law enforcement

Other Significant Full Form of GRP

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
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Globe Replication Protocol Networking GRP
Gentoo Reference Platform Computer Hardware GRP
Group Maths GRP
Glass Reinforced Plastic Military and Defence GRP
Government Railway Police Police GRP
Group File File Type GRP
Pixbase Pictures Group File Type GRP
GANGPUR Indian Railway Station GRP
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