What is the full form of GP

GP Full Form is: Gram Panchayat

G = Gram

P = Panchayat

  • Category: Governmental/Rules & Regulations
  • GP Full Abbreviation Form in Hindi is:पंचायत
  • GP Full Form in Marathi is: ग्रामपंचायत
  • GP Full Acronym Form in Tamil is: கிராம ஊராட்சி
  • GP Full Form in Telegu is: గ్రామ పంచాయతీ

GP Full Form or meaning in Governmental and Rules & Regulations sector is: Gram Panchayat

GP or Gram Panchayat Pronunciation


GP Full Form

Polity type
  • Local governmentLocal government institute
Part of Panchayat Raj system
Legislative branch
Name Gram-sabha
Website https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page


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