What is the full form of GD

GD Full Form is: General Diary

G = GeneralĀ 

D = Diary

GD Full Form or meaning in Governmental and Police sector is: General Diary

GD Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of GD

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Grenada Country Names GD
General Decentralized Networking GD
General Deployment Networking GD
Geek Diatribe Messaging GD
Good Day Messaging GD
Great Day Messaging GD
God Dammit Messaging GD
Group Deal Messaging GD
General Discussion Messaging GD
Gadolinium Chemistry Gd
Glow Discharge Electronics GD
Gate To Drain Electronics GD
Grave Digger Job Title GD
General Duties Job Title GD
Grand Daugther Job Title GD
General Director Job Title GD
Garbage Disposal Database Management GD
Gigabyte Disk Computer Hardware GD
Get Digital Messaging GD
Gosh Darn Messaging GD
Great Deal Messaging GD
Guard Space Science GD
Graphic Designer Job Title GD
Graphic Design Job Title GD
Golden Dragon Job Title GD
Goal Defense Sports GD
Gambling Downtime Sports GD
Goal Differential Sports GD
Graphics Database Military and Defence GD
General Dynamics Military and Defence GD
Ground Duty Military and Defence GD
Green Diamond Earth Science GD
Good Deformation Physics Related GD
Garage Door Real Estate GD
Good Real Estate GD
Soman, A Nerve Agent Military and Defence GD
Golden Daemon Softwares GD
Graphics Definition Softwares GD
Game Disk Softwares GD
Google Desktop Softwares GD
Grand Design Softwares GD
GONDA JN Indian Railway Station GD

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