What is the full form of DIG

DIG Full Form is: Deputy Inspector General of Police

D = Deputy 

I = Inspector 

G = General 

  • Category: Governmental
  • DIG Full Abbreviation Form in Marathi is: पोलिस उपमहानिरीक्षक
  • DIG Full Acronym Form in Tamil is: காவல்துறைத் துணைத்தலைவர்

DIG Full Form or meaning in Governmental and Police sector is: Deputy Inspector General of Police

DIG or Deputy Inspector General of Police Pronunciation

DIG is the full form stands for Deputy Inspector General. Generally, a DIG is the prestigious one-star rated police officer designated in the Indian Police Force. He has multiple powers and assists the Inspector-General of Police in overseeing police stations. He also works with the DM to handle certain incidents, such as narcotics investigations. 

Function of DIG:

The DIG’s role is to help the Inspector General when he is absent. In addition, the DIG has the responsibilities to maintain the discipline and order in the police department. In some cases, a Deputy Inspecting Government (DIG) takes control over cases beyond the power of a Superintendent of Police (SP). He acts as the IGP’s representative when there are issues involving police officers. Moreover, he must report to the IGP, who is in charge of law enforcement.

How to Become a DIG?

To become a DIG in the Indian Police, you must pass the Civil Services Examination conducted by the UPSC. After completing this examination, you will become an IPS officer. You will be assigned to the rank of ACP in the Indian Police and will then be commissioned to different regions in the country.

If you are eligable to get this promotion, you can be promoted to the position of Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP). Once you are promoted to the post of SSP, you will eventually be promoted to the post of SSP and eventually to the position of DIG.

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