What is the full form of CSC

CSC Full Form is: Common Services Centers

C = Common 

S = Services 

C = Centers

CSC Full Form or meaning in Governmental sector is: Common Services Centers

CSC or Common Services Centers Pronunciation

CSC Full Form

CSC e-Governance Services India Limited
Trade name
Digital Seva Kendra
Type Public
Key people
Ajay Prakash Sawhney (Chairman), Dr. Dinesh Kumar Tyagi (MD), Sanjay Kumar Rakesh (CEO)
Founded 16 July 2009; 12 years ago
Founder Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY)
Headquarters Electronics Niketan,
New Delhi
Area served
Most of India


Other Significant Full Form of CSC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Civil Service Commission Indian government CSC
Computer Sciences Corporation Company Name CSC
Call Signalling Channel Computer and Networking CSC
Contingency Support Center Space Science CSC
Construction Supervision Consultant Job Title CSC
Community School Coordinator Job Title CSC
Customer Satisfaction Coordinator Job Title CSC
Child Service Coordinator Job Title CSC
Code Snippet Creator Job Title CSC
Chloro-sluorocarbon Chemistry CSC
Codes and Standards Committee (frc) Accounts and Finance CSC
Conical Shaped Charge Space Science CSC
Subspecialty Certification Certifications CSC
Co-secant Maths CSC
Chadron State College Educational Institute CSC
Canadian Stock Car Sports CSC
Crescent Ski Council Sports CSC
Combat Support Center Military and Defence CSC
Canas Airport Code CSC
Comprehensive Skills Certificate Certifications CSC
Combat Stress Control Military and Defence CSC
Computer Security Center Military and Defence CSC
Computer Systems Command Military and Defence CSC
Common Signaling Channel Telecommunication CSC
Computer Software Component Networking CSC
Client Side Caching Networking CSC
Community Support Center Military and Defence CSC
Convoy Support Center Military and Defence CSC
Creeping-line Single-unit Coordinated Military and Defence CSC
International Convention for Safe Containers Military and Defence CSC
Corel Script File Type CSC
C Sharp Compiler Softwares CSC
Consumer Software Customization Softwares CSC

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