What is the full form of CPO

CPO Full Form is: Central Police Organization

C = Central 

P = Police 

O =  Organization

CPO Full Form or meaning in Governmental and Police sector is: Central Police Organisation

CPO or Central Police Organisation Pronunciation

CPO Full Form

The CPO is a division of the Indian police force. The force has many different levels, including Constabulary, Upper Subordinate, State, and Central. In addition to the regular police, the organization has several sub-divisions, including the National Disaster Response Force, Narcotics Control Bureau, Research and Analysis Wing, Special Protection Group, and National Investigation Agency. The job description of a CPO varies from branch to branch, depending on the position.

The CPO exam is administered by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC). This test is the only one that is held at the national level for this position. The test is a 2-hour written test with 200 marks. There are no interview requirements for this position.

Other Significant Full Form of CPO

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Corel Print House File File Type CPO
Conditional Purchase Order Accounts and Finance CPO
Confirmation of Purchase Order Accounts and Finance CPO
Certified Professional Organizer Certifications CPO
Certified Professional of Occupancy Certifications CPO
Certified Pool Operators Certifications CPO
College Programming Office Educational Institute CPO
Complete Provisions Only Military and Defence CPO
Civilian Personnel Office Military and Defence CPO
Chief Privacy Officer Job Title CPO
Chief Professional Officer Job Title CPO
Chief Petting Officer Job Title CPO
Correctional Probation Officer Job Title CPO
Copiapo Airport Code CPO
Certified Pre Owned Certifications CPO
Chief Petty Officer Military and Defence CPO
Chemical Protective Overgarment Military and Defence CPO
Capital Planning Overview Space Science CPO
Certified Pool Operator Job Title CPO
Commodity Pool Operator Job Title CPO
Chief Process Officer Job Title CPO
Certified Park Operator Job Title CPO
Chief Propaganda Officer Job Title CPO

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