What is the full form of CPC

CPC Full Form is: Central Pay Commission

C = Central 

P = Pay 

C = Commission

CPC Full Form or meaning in Governmental and Departments & Agencies sector is: Central Pay Commission

CPC or Central Pay Commission Pronunciation

CPC Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of CPC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Central Police Canteen Central Police Organisation CPC
Cheque Processing Centre Banking CPC
Continous Packet Compression Telecommunication CPC
Central Planning Center Space Science CPC
Characteristics Properties Code Space Science CPC
Computer Program Component Space Science CPC
Church- Planting Coordinator Job Title CPC
Certified Personnel Consultant Job Title CPC
Certified Professional Coder Job Title CPC
Cetyl-pyridinium Chloride Chemistry CPC
Commands Per Clock Cycle Electronics CPC
Clogged Poop Chute Messaging CPC
Cost Per Copy Messaging CPC
Customer Profit Contribution Accounts and Finance CPC
Certificate of Professional Competence Certifications CPC
Certified Photographic Consultant Certifications CPC
Certified Professional Consultant Certifications CPC
Circuit Protective Conductor Computer Hardware CPC
College Preparatory Program Educational Institute CPC
College Preparatory Center Educational Institute CPC
Certified Pastry Cook Job Title CPC
Certified Pension Consultant Job Title CPC
Certified Professional Coach Job Title CPC
Constant Power Crossover Radio Science CPC
San Martin Delos Andes Airport Code CPC
Continued Professional Certification Certifications CPC
Certified Professional Constructor Certifications CPC
Charged Particle Cannon Physics Related CPC
Canadian Paralympic Committee Sports CPC
Control Processing Center Military and Defence CPC
Combat Psychiatric Casualty Military and Defence CPC
Crosstalk Prevention Coding Telecommunication CPC
Calling Party Control Telecommunication CPC
Computer Print Control Networking CPC
Cartesian Perceptual Compression Compressed Image File Type CPC
Cache Poisoning Checker Softwares CPC
KANPUR CENTRAL G/SH Indian Railway Station CPC

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