What is the full form of BDO

BDO Full Form is: Block Development Office

B = Block 

D = Development 

O = Office

BDO Full Form or meaning in Governmental and Departments & Agencies sector is: Block Development Office

BDO or Block Development Office Pronunciation

BDO Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of BDO

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
BAHALDA ROAD Indian Railway Station BDO
Business Depot Ogden Military and Defence BDO
Block Development Officer Indian Goverment BDO
Bi-directional Override Electronics BDO
Business Development Officer Job Title BDO
Bussiness Development Officer Job Title BDO
Bandung Airport Code BDO
British Darts Organisation Sports BDO
Battle Dress Overgarment Military and Defence BDO

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