What is the full form of ADO

ADO Full Form is: Assistant Development Officer

A = AssistantĀ 

D = DevelopmentĀ 

O = Officer

ADO Full Form or meaning in Governmental and Job Titles sector is: Assistant Development Officer

ADO or Assistant Development Officer Pronunciation

ADO Full Form

ADO is the acronym for Assistant Development Officer. Assistant Development Officers (ADOs) are commissioned officers in the Indian Armed Forces who are responsible for developing and maintaining military infrastructure in their respective areas of responsibility.

They also play an important role in disaster management, including during natural calamities like floods, cyclones, earthquakes, etc.

ADO is a designation given to officers in the Indian Administrative Service.

There are two types of ADOs:

  • – ADOs on deputation from other services
  • – ADOs promoted from within the IAS

2) Another very popular ADO Full form is Apprentice Development Officer

The full form of ADO in Life Insurance Corporation of India stands for Apprentice Development Officer, which is the most famous government-owned insurance company in India. This position is filled by taking a national level exam. You will be working for LIC as an ADO.

You will be responsible for supervising the performance of LIC agents and inspecting existing policies. ADOs are required to work in both rural and urban areas and should be flexible enough to work from home.

Other Significant Full Form of ADO

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
ActiveX Data Objects Information Technology ADO
Activex Data Object Softwares ADO
Alles Door Oefening Sports ADO
Army Digitization Office Military and Defence ADO
Advanced Development Objective Military and Defence ADO
Association Distribution Office Electronics ADO
Ampex Digital Optics Electronics ADO
Andamooka Airport Code ADO
Access Data Object Softwares ADO
Active Data Object Database Management ADO

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