What is the full form of ACF

ACF Full Form is: Assistant Conservator of Forests

A = Assistant 

C = Conservator

F = Forests

ACF Full Form or meaning in Governmental and Job Titles sector is: Assistant Conservator of Forests

ACF or Assistant Conservator of Forests Pronunciation


ACF Full Form

The Assistant Conservator of Forest job is a feeder service for the Indian Forest Service (IFS) within the state. An ACF earns a salary of 56,100 rupees per month. ACF officers are provided with good facilities such as dedicated drivers and clerks to help with official work. They also receive official housing, which includes helpers for housework.

The Assistant Conservator of Forests (ACF) position is a highly important officer in forest divisions. It’s comparable to the DSP/ASP position in the police department or SDM/ASP in the administrative domain. As an ACF, you can enter the forest range officer grade directly or be promoted from there by the State Public Service Commission (SPSSC) or Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). ACFs are responsible for the responsible management of the nation’s forests and other natural resources.

Other Significant Full Form of ACF

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