What is the full form of RND?

RND Full Form is: River Navigation Department

  • Category: Goa Government
  • RND Full  Form in Hindi is:  नदी नेविगेशन विभाग
  • RND Full Abbreviation Form in Bengali is: নদী নৌচলাচল বিভাগ
  • RND Full  Form in Marathi is: नदी जलवाहतूक विभाग
  • RND Full Acronym Form in Tamil is: நதி வழிசெலுத்தல் துறை
  • RND Full  Form in Telegu is: నది నావిగేషన్ విభాగం

 Full Form or meaning of RND in Goa Government sector is: River Navigation Department



Other Significant Full Form of RND

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Random Number Computer Assembly Language RND
Round Maths RND
Autocad Autoshade Rendering Slide File Type RND
San Antonio (tx) Airport Code RND

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