What is the full form of RBS?

RBS Full Form is: Royal Bank of Scotland

  • Category: Foreign Bank in India
  • RBS Full Form in Hindi is: रॉयल बैंक ऑफ स्कॉटलैंड
  • RBS Full Form in Bengali is: রয়্যাল ব্যাংক অফ স্কটল্যান্ড
  • RBS Full Form in Marathi is: रॉयल बँक ऑफ स्कॉटलंड
  • RBS Full Form in Tamil is: ராயல் பேங்க் ஆஃப் ஸ்காட்லாந்து
  • RBS Full Form in Telegu is: రాయల్ బ్యాంక్ ఆఫ్ స్కాట్లాండ్

 Full Form or meaning of RBS in Foreign Bank in India sector is: Royal Bank of Scotland


Other Significant Full Form of RBS

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Robbed-bit signaling Computer and Networking RBS
Royal Bank Of Banking RBS
Royal Bank of Scotland’s Banking RBS
Radio Base Station Radio Science RBS
RUPBAS Indian Railway Station RBS
Radioactive Blue Stuff Chemistry RBS
Orbost Airport Code RBS
Rutherford Back-scattering Physics Related RBS
Robbed Bit Signaling Telecommunication RBS
Remote Backup Service Networking RBS
Remote Backup Software Softwares RBS

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