What is the full form of PCF

PCF Full Form is: Pixel Coordination Format

P = Pixel  C = Coordination  F = Format

  • Category: File Type
  • PCF Full Form in Hindi is: पिक्सेल समन्वय प्रारूप
  • PCF Full Form in Bengali is: পিক্সেল সমন্বয় বিন্যাস
  • PCF Full Form in Marathi is: पिक्सेल समन्वय स्वरूप
  • PCF Full Form in Tamil is: பிக்சல் ஒருங்கிணைப்பு வடிவம்
  • PCF Full Form in Telegu is: పిక్సెల్ కోఆర్డినేషన్ ఫార్మాట్

 Full Form or meaning of PCF in File Type sector is: Pixel Coordination Format

PCF Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of PCF

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Portable Compiled Format File Type PCF
Pattern Compressed File Softwares PCF
Pounds Per Cubic Foot Measurement Unit PCF
Photonic Crystal Fiber Physics Related PCF
Points Carried Forward Sports PCF
Personnel Control Facility Military and Defence PCF
Personal Call Forwarding Computer and Networking PCF
Picture Clock Frequency Computer and Networking PCF
Point Coordination Function Telecommunication PCF
Profiler Command File (ms Source Profiler) File Type PCF
Process Command File Softwares PCF
PENCHI Indian Railway Station PCF
Photonic Crystal Fan Electronics PCF
Product Cost Function Accounts and Finance PCF
Payload Control Facility Space Science PCF


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