What is the full form of LOC

LOC Full Form is: Level of Concern

L = Level 

O = Of 

C = Concern

  • Category: Electronics
  • LOC Full Form in Hindi is: चिंता का स्तर
  • LOC Full Form in Bengali is: উদ্বেগের স্তর
  • LOC Full Form in Marathi is: चिंतेची पातळी
  • LOC Full Form in Tamil is: கவலையின் நிலை
  • LOC Full Form in Telegu is: ఆందోళన స్థాయి

 Full Form or meaning of LOC in Electronics sector is: Level of Concern

Other Significant Full Form of LOC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Line of Credit Accounts and Finance LOC
Letters of Comment Accounts and Finance LOC
Letter of Credit Accounts and Finance LOC
Length of Combat Military and Defence LOC
Lines of Communication Military and Defence LOC
Logistics Operations Center Military and Defence LOC
Line of Control Military and Defence LOC
Locus of Control Maths LOC
Lemoyne Owen College Educational Institute LOC
Lemoyne-owen College Educational Institute LOC
Lakeland Orienteering Club Sports LOC
Lines of Code Information Technology LOC
Localization String Resource Header File File Type LOC
Line Out Converter Electronics LOC
Acc Location Accuracy Military and Defence LOC
Letter of Counseling Military and Defence LOC
Launch Operations Complex Space Science LOC
Localizer Space Science LOC
Location Space Science LOC
Lock Airport Code LOC
Loss of Contrast Computer Hardware LOC



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