What is the full form of LCB

LCB Full Form is: Linear Current Booster

L = Linear 

C = Current 

B = Booster

  • Category: Electronics
  • LCB Full Form in Hindi is: रैखिक वर्तमान बूस्टर
  • LCB Full Form in Bengali is: লিনিয়ার কারেন্ট বুস্টার
  • LCB Full Form in Marathi is: रेखीय वर्तमान बूस्टर
  • LCB Full Form in Tamil is: லீனியர் கரண்ட் பூஸ்டர்
  • LCB Full Form in Telegu is: లీనియర్ కరెంట్ బూస్టర్

 Full Form or meaning of LCB in Electronics sector is: Linear Current Booster

LCB Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of LCB

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Large Commercial Bank Banking LCB
Lundquist College of Business Educational Institute LCB
Line of Constant Bearing Military and Defence LCB
Pontes E Lacerda Airport Code LCB
London and Country Banks Banking LCB
Least Common Bit Space Science LCB
Long Chain Base Chemistry LCB


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