What is the full form of IND

IND Full Form is: Inductance

  • IND Category: Electronics
  • IND Full Form in Hindi is: अधिष्ठापन
  • IND Full Form in Bengali is: ইন্ডাকট্যান্স
  • IND Full Form in Marathi is: अधिष्ठाता
  • IND Full Form in Tamil is:  தூண்டல்
  • IND Full Form in Telegu is: ఇండక్టెన్స్

 Full Form or meaning of IND in Electronics sector is: Inductance

IND Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of IND

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
India Country ISO Code IND
Dbase Iv Data Index File File Type IND
Indianapolis (in) Airport Code IND
Indicator Space Science IND
Industrial Space Science IND
Induced Nuclear Disintegration Physics Related IND
Irreducible Non-diagonal Maths IND



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